Professional Experience

Engineering lead, Oculus for Business
2019 - 2020
Lead the team that developed and shipped Facebook's mobile device management platform for Oculus VR headsets. Personally developed the on-device management service and prototyped the mobile companion app. Supported the team in developing the server-side framework and web management frontend, and navigating their first product launch cycle.

Software Engineer, Facebook, AR/VR (Oculus VR)
2018 – 2019
Worked on the operating system and services for Oculus Go, Quest and Quest 2, focussing on telemetry, crash reporting, and bluetooth connectivity.

Software Development Engineer, Amazon Web Services
2015 – 2017
Original member of the AWS IoT team. Shipped the front-end device gateway, and worked on several testing and monitoring frameworks. Implemented network protocols, designed high-performance asynchronous server architecture, performed large-scale server deployments and configuration, load testing at extreme scale, and java/native performance optimisation.

Software Development Engineer, Amazon Digital Products
2012 – 2015
Worked on the 3D rendering and UI frameworks for the Fire Phone, including extensive Android OS modifications. Architected and developed a novel 3D rendering stack when the product was in danger of slipping schedule, Implemented custom 3D android UI controls. Worked with 2nd party teams to optimise the performance, power and memory usage of their applications. Developed a complete 3D replacement for the lockscreen, and supported it through launch.

Systems administrator, Suffolk University Maths and Computer Science Department
2010 ‒ 2012
Design and deployment of Active Directory identity management across a mixed Windows/Linux/Mac environment. Deployment and management of Oracle/MySQL database servers, Apache/Tomcat web servers, and a variety of specialised software/hardware, including an Erlang compute cluster. Supported faculty and students in the computational aspects of their research projects.

Adjunct lecturer, Suffolk University
2011 – 2012
Taught introductory HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL to undergraduates.

Research Mentor, NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates
Summers of 2010-2011
Mentored undergraduates in developing research methodology and software development skills. Provided programming and technical support in C++, Python, Java, LISP and Erlang.

Graduate Research Assistant, Suffolk University
2008 ‒ 2010
Developed simulations of peer-to-peer networks in C++ and Python. Conducted experiments to determine performance characteristics and resiliency of the network when peers formed cartels and attempted to influence the network in their own favour.


TDplanner: Public Transport Planning System with Real-Time Route Updates Based on Service Delays and Location Tracking
2011 IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
with Dung Nguyen Tien; Zhiyong Xu


Network-enabled user device charger
Amazon Digital Products, 2014
with Josh Pearl; Andrew Christian; Jennifer Loomis; Donald Gillespie

Connection migration for Internet of Things (IoT) devices
Amazon Web Services, 2016
with Sudarshan Chitre; Calvin Kuo; Jonathon Turow; Justin Knoepfler; Yadunandan Parthasarathy; Aditya Bhalla

Socket peering
Amazon Web Services, 2016
with Christoph Saalfeld; Gary Wicker; Justin Knoepfler; Kyle Roche; Frank Lovecchio; Bryant Cutler; Qing Ju; Shyam Krishnamoorthy; Alexandra Lee

Connection and application state migration for uninterrupted service availability
Amazon Web Services, 2016
with Christoph Saalfeld; Calvin Kuo; James Sorenson; Alexandra Lee; Bryant Cutler; Aditya Bhalla; Shyam Krishnamoorthy

Managed secure sockets
Amazon Web Services, 2016
with Christoph Saalfeld; Gary Wicker; Justin Knoepfler; Kyle Roche; Frank LoVecchio; Bryant Cutler; Qing Ju; Shyam Krishnamoorthy; Alexandra Lee

Message frequency modification for connection maintenance
Amazon Web Services, 2017
with Christoph Saalfeld; David Yanacek; Alexandra Lee; Dinkar Pataballa

Collective artificial reality device configuration
Meta Platforms Technologies, 2020
with Ahmed Mohamed Eid Amin; Yuchen Zheng; Matthew O'neil Terrell


Suffolk University
in Boston, Massachusetts. 2006-2011