New beginnings

Drastic times call for drastic measures

Crows circling the treetops

I won't bury the lede here: I sold most of my possessions, immigrated to Spain, and quit my job at Oculus.

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SPIRV layout checking for Rust

Less error-prone CPU <-> GPU data transfer.

Isn't it just great when the GLSL compiler adds unexpected padding between fields in a buffer, and the only way you can tell is that your rendering is broken in weird ways? Having lost a couple of hours to one such bug, I decided I needed a way to quickly catch that sort of error.

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Hello, World!

Once more unto the breach.

I'm afraid there's not much to be seen here, for the time being. It was past time I had an actual website, so here one is.

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Permanence (or a lack thereof)

Impermanence in the digital age.

When Google VP Vint Cerf warned that increased dependence on technology could lead to a 'digital dark age', he merely echoed the concern of everyone involved in the preservation of information in a digital world. While it is expedient to dismiss his claim as sensationalist and/or paranoid, Google's announcement yesterday that they are closing down the Google Code source code repositories provides an unfortunate echo to his cries.

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